My meals 12th Feb

Breakfast - Seedy bread with soft cheese and honey roast ham, a handful of grapes and a handful of sunflower seeds.
Lunch - Oven cooked salmon fillet, couscous with garlis sauce and button sprouts.
Dinner - Ham and cheese salad with balsamic dressing.
Shrove Tuesday! I had 3 pancakes but we cooked one ate it, cooked another ate it etc. Some naughty fillings in them, honey roast peanut butter and chocolate and caramel spread, sugar and lemon in another.

So today started off really well. I must have subconsciously known that I would be having some calorific pancakes! I've not put them into mfp yet, I'm quite scared to! I'll be jumping on the elliptical when I get home I think.

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