Local market

Yesterday I visited my local market and wandered around trying to find the fruit and veg stall. I eventually did and honestly felt like I'd just found a cave of treasure! Ok so there wasn't as much choice or variety as the supermarkets but I will still pleasantly surprised.

I wandered about it for a bit, eyeing up the produce and deciding what I would get and what I would make with it. I eventually decided on the above. Golden Delicious apples, carrots, iceberg lettuce, another form of lettuce? and cauliflower (I want to try mashed cauliflower, keep reading about it!)

Ready for the best bit? All the above cost me £3.50! I was amazed. I actually repeated the price back to the guy serving me and he just laughed and said "First time here? I'll see you again soon." You certainly will sir! He was such a nice guy as well! Telling me prices, what things were and he even chucked in a free apple, was supposed to be 5 for £1.

So it's a tad more expensive than supermarket 'value' fruit and veg but the quality, the freshness, it's gotta be like 10x better! I've already had one of the carrots and it tasted great. Fresh, crunchy, delicious.

I'm so happy I decided to go in and I will definitely be going back again. I'll keep you posted on my market finds!

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