Not just health

After much ummming and ahhhing (I am the most indecisive person ever!) I've decided to make this a lifestyle/health and fitness/beauty/fashion blog. A little bit of everything just the main focus being on me getting healthy. I can't just run away from my beauty/fashion and I like blogs that have a little bit of everything!

With that being said, say hello to my first beauty post! ;)

I found a pound in my bag during college yesterday and as soon as I did, I thought about Andrew of andrewjamesblog I always see him posting good things about MUA on Twitter (@AndrewJamesMUA) so I decided that's what I was going to spend my pound on!

I already have the moasaic blush and one of the lipglosses so I decided today was a lipstick day. I never used to wear that much lipstick but since quitting smoking (today will be day 52!) I've found that I'm wearing more lip products. It's not being wasted now by transferring onto cigarettes!

So I went for Shade 12, looking at the colour at the bottom it looked like a hot pink with golden glitter through it. I used to hate pink lipstick and was all about a red lip but these days I'm more open to other lippies.

Now I got a bit of a fright as I left Superdrug with my lipstick in hand as the bottom started to twist off and I thought I'd broken it already! I looked down however and all that had unscrewed was the bottom compartment with the colour in it which I was very shocked to see was more product! I'd heard of the Lip Boom's doing this but I thought it was exclusive to those products. The bottom looks a a tad darker than the actual lipstick, I'll need to hunt out a lipstick brush and test them out side by side.

It's so shiny!! I love a good bit of glitter and so I think this was a very good choice for my first MUA lipstick. I'll probably experiment with it a bit, see what glosses I can wear on top or even if I can mix it with any other colours for a one off shade.

I will definitely be purchasing more MUA products in the future (but I'll need to find more pounds first!), such great products and amazing prices. I'm still amazed that this only cost £1!

And so my first beauty post on alanagetshealthy has come to an end. I do hope you enjoyed it!


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