What's in my cupboards

So today I thought I would give you a slight tour of my kitchen, starting with today's post, we shall delve into my cupboards! Louis has his own cupboard that he puts his food in. Stops me feeling tempted as he has much more naughty food than I do! I don't deny myself all the time but I also don't like looking at it all the time so this way works out. If I do ever want a packet of crisps I just jump into his cupboard then scuttle off.

So, onto my food...

This is my main food cupboard. The top shelf is packed with pasta! I didn't pay for most of it either. My best friend's mum got me a food hamper for Christmas and in that was 2 packets of pasta (the green ones) and a packet of spaghetti. I also got sent a 2kg box of pasta sent to me, yet I have no idea why! I didn't ask for it, didn't win it, but the label had my name on it so I kept it! There's also the last bit of a massive bag of pasta I bought from Tesco about a year or two ago! It just got finished tonight! The rest of the top shelf is my extra sugar, teabags, coffee etc
Next shelf is couscous, rice, cooking sauces, pasta n sauces (another hamper gift but not too keen on the flavours)  noodles, beetroot (that I've still not tried) and my meal tins. Beans, tuna, soups etc
Bottom shelf is stock cubes, salt, jerk sauce (wee freebie!) cup-a-soups, pasta n sauce (the one flavour I like) and plenty custard, rice pudding and tinned fruits!

Overall I'd say it's a reasonably healthy cupboard.

This is my breakfast and snacks cupboard. Top shelf we have porridge oats, one last tortilla, strawberry crisp cereal, special flakes (Tesco's Special K?) and malt wheaties.
Next shelf is my slightly naughty shelf, there are some maltesers up the back, you can see the red packet there and a little plastic ferrero rocher tub that has some little sweeties in it. I've shown mega restraint though, those maltesers have been there since my birthday in November and the small sweeties have been there since Christmas! Next to that are my cinema mints and some Asian White Rabbit sweets. Hidden behind the orange mould are my jars of chocolate and caramel spread, honey roast peanut butter and smooth peanut butter. The big blue jar are my multivitamins.
Bottom shelf are my good snacks. Banana chips, bombay mix (well they are a bit naughty), my oatcakes, almond flakes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, my Ryvita crackerbread that I posted about here, my wee Ricola sweets that I have one of before bed if I feel the need for something sweet and my Disney bag up the back that I need to remember to take shopping with me as it's deceptively huge!

I need to have a wee organise day and sort out these cupboards properly! Have like minded items together and the such. I can definitely tell I'm ill as I want to organise!

The next update on the tour of my kitchen will be my fridge so look out for that post!

What's in your cupboards?


  1. Pasta is the best thing ever, it's just amazing xo

  2. Since I've been eating a mostly paleo diet, I don't use many cupboard items, although they are still heaving! I suppose I mostly use coconut milk, tomato paste, passata, coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, nuts and dried fruit!


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