Accident prone through and through

Every single scar on my body has a ridiculous story to accompany it; there's the one on my knee from when I tripped over a SAFETY kerb, the one on my other knee from when I tripped over a pothole whilst heavily pregnant, the ones on my chin and tongue from when I fainted in choir. It's not just scars either, general injuries and just downright bad luck (going back to the pothole incident, after getting out the hospital, I decided to go to Jimmy Chungs to cheer myself up, it was all going swimmingly until one of the waitresses spilled a whole tub of sweet and sour sauce onto my white Rocha John Rocha coat. I think I cried myself to sleep that night) I am the living, breathing Calamity Jane. What can go wrong, will probably go wrong, but I'll have a funny story to tell at the end of it sometimes!

So this week's calamity? I fell down a couple stairs whilst leaving college and sprained my ankle very badly. That in itself, not so funny but when you pair it with the fact that I had cycled to college that day and was quite nervous about cycling back for fear of injuring myself (the last time I was on a bike I managed to crash, fall off and give myself a concussion by introducing my head to a wall). I wonder if I was so nervous about cycling back home that I subconsciously threw myself down the stairs?!

Oh to add further 'insult to injury' I'm still recovering from a rotary cuff injury I got last week from playing badminton for the first time in years.

When will this madness end?!

I could probably make my injuries a weekly thing on this blog! A round-up of what I've done to myself this week! Do you have any ridiculous stories to go along with your scars or any silly injuries you've had?


  1. oh no, I'm such a clutz and accident prone too!
    it's hilarious to my husband but one day I may get seriously injured :(

    lol take care of yourself!

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    1. Yeah everyone else finds it hilarious!
      Couple days rest and hopefully it's better enough that I can start exercising again!

      Thank you x

  2. Oh dear I hope you recover soon! I have to say I'm quite accident prone too, and ten to trip over mid air!


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