Weigh In Monday

So I forgot to post last weeks but I put on 0.2lbs, this is the first gain I've had since I started this 'journey' at the end of December. This morning I weighed in and I had remained the same so I'm 212.2lbs, for now.
My reset week last monday didn't get off to the start I thought it would so today has been reset week instead. I'm going back to watching what I eat, drinking more water and exercising more. I feel like I've had a two week holiday and now I've come back home!

Time to start kicking my own ass again! Healthy breakfast and lunch are done, I walked to college, will be walking back and doing some tidying then exercising. Need to get back into a good routine again. I feel so much calmer when I have a routine.

That's pretty much all I have to say today if I'm honest. Weigh in posts won't be that long but I was thinking about doing a short weigh in post on a monday and then a monday manicure post. Nice wee mixture of everything :)

Hope you are all doing great!

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  1. keep at it, I'm sure you'll see a loss next week. I think our bodies need a bit of a rest from losing weight sometimes!


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