Progress treat

So after posting this morning about all my progress, I decided it was time to give myself a little treat. A well done Alana, love from Alana!

So I took myself through to Stirling (off peak train ticket with railcard = less than £4!!) and went to Pinky's Nail Bar (facebook). My friend Marge who I have known for many a moon now works there. Ever since I can remember, she's had great nails, always done and always looking good so when she told me she was branching off into it as a career, I wasn't surprised. That lass is gonna go far!

So onto her fabulous work! I decided to go for a purple glitter with an accent nail on each hand with other glitter on top (Marge and I called it mermaid glitter).

I'll get some more pictures tomorrow if I can get the lighting and webcam camera to play nice as that's all I have camera wise right now. But look at them!! I love them.

I feel so fabulous what with all my progress and these nails on top of that, I'm flying!

I'd definitely recommend checking out the Pinky's page I linked to above and giving them a wee visit if you're near Stirling (if you're not then get a train?). Next on my list from Pinky's might be getting my toes done, I've always hated them so maybe getting them done will make me like them a bit more!

How do you like your nails? Natural? Stick on? Acrylic?

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