B&M goodies

Remember my post that I wrote, Anxiety and Cycling, well the purpose of the cycle was to have a wee nosey in B&M. It's such a great wee place but I don't go often enough! I actually bought 4 things while I was there but I left one of them there, I'll need to go in with the receipt and see if they will give me it.

On to what I did get and bring home though!

It was between this and Listerine and since Listerine makes me cry and not be able to taste anything for a few hours, I plumped for the Aquafresh. I love the shape of the bottle, hopefully I won't drop it!

 The only plasters I had in the house were Hello Kitty and one size only so I picked up some of these fabric plasters. Just as well I did as I sliced my thumb open the day after! I much prefer fabric plasters to anything else, I find they stay on longer and help heal wounds better.

Now this, I just couldn't resist. It cost 10p! I love barbecue flavoured things so I can't wait to try this out. Got some chicken in the freezer that I'll probably use this with, some stir fry veg and maybe a little soy sauce. Yum!

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