Despite them still being a bit tight, for the first time since buying these trousers I can actually get them over my arse and wear them! I went into Sports Direct with my boyfriend back in October to get some tracksuit bottoms and jogging bottoms. We'd spent ages in the shop and so I was really bored, I tried the jogging bottoms on and they fit fine so I just picked those, picked up the tracksuit bottoms off the shelf and headed straight for the tills then home.

I got home and tried on both pairs of trousers, the joggies fit fine (in fact now they are too big for me!) but the tracksuit bottoms, I couldn't get them past the tops of my thighs. I was really disheartened as they were both the same size so threw the tracksuit bottoms in my cupboard and tried not to think about them.

I've got them out a couple times since but still they didn't fit and again they were thrown back in with disgust and dismay. This afternoon I went upstairs to get dressed and I saw them. I thought "Once more, I'll just try them once more" Lo and behold, they fit!! Like I said, they are still a bit tight but I can wear them! They go over my thighs and my butt and they fit! (almost)

Excuse the clutter, the livingroom is the best place for light and I'm a bit of a hoarder! ;)

A few more months and I think these bottoms will fit even better! I look forward to being able to tell you that they are too big for me one day!

Have you had any NSVs this week or recently even?

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