Christmas present?

That's right, I got this for Christmas!  I managed to leave it at my mum's though and only got it back a couple weeks ago. Look at it, all shiny on the outside and untouched on the inside!

The wee applicator brush inside looks really nice although I'd probably use both ends for shadows and not blush as I prefer a nice big kabuki brush for blush when I attempt it.

The colours in this are amazing, can't wait to try them all out, the neutral shadows on top especially as I've never really tried many neutrals. I've always been more blues and blacks like the bottom half of the shadows.

The lip colours look beautiful as well, that red at the bottom, oh my!

The blushes look great, nice and pink which I like in blush.

My mum got me this as round about Christmas time, I was quite invested in my old beauty blog so she thought I'd like to write about it. Also, when I was younger, I always used to steal my mum's No7 as it always made me feel like a right wee lady. Now I have my own grown up lady makeup!

What are your opinions on No7? Like it, love it, use it, never tried it?

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