Graze Box | The First One

Last week I finally decided to pull my finger out and get a Graze delivery set up. Muj had a code that gets me my first, fifth and tenth box free so I jumped on that. It's a great deal and if you stick with this post, I have my very own code to give you the same offer!

I received my box on Monday and resisted tearing into it, instead taking my time and reading everything. I had a Graze subscription before when they first started but had to cancel it as I didn't have the money to continue it. I've set up these boxes to come every fortnight and as they are only £3.89, I think that's quite affordable! Maybe once I'm in a better off place money wise, I could set these up for every week. (Hey big spender!)

Before I get to the nibbly goodies, I want to quickly go through what else was sent out to me with this first box. The welcome pamphlet contains all the nutritional information for each snack sent out to you which I think is really handy, especially if you are watching your calories, fat intake, protein etc. On the back of this wee booklet is that friend code I was telling you about earlier that gets you your 1st, 5th and 10th box free and if anyone redeems it, I get £1 off my next box or I can donate the £1 to the graze school of farming.

And so, onto what I actually received in my letterbox friendly box of goodies! I was actually sent an email telling me when my box had been sent out and when to expect it. I was also given a link to have a sneak peek at what I had been sent but I decided to not look and just wait for the noms to get here. I'm growing more patient in my old age!

Seeing as I only get one box every two weeks, I am limiting myself to having two snacks or half the box the first week and the other half the next again week so I can't comment on the actual snacks until next week. If it's not too annoying for you lovely readers, I'll probably start putting up a first look post when I receive the box then a what I though post once I've tried them all.

So as you can see from the above picture, I got Super Carrot Cake which comes with a wee afternoon infusion teabag (nice touch Graze!), British Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky with a slow cooked tomato relish, Billionaire's Shortbread which is Belgian milk chocolate, almonds, cranberries and fudge. I'm not the hugest fan of cranberries but I'm going to try at least one of everything once to give it a go! Last but not least is very nori-sh, Japanese rice crackers with nori seaweed.

I'll let you all know next week how they all taste!

Now to finish this mammoth post (I promise they won't be this long after this one!) I have a little giveaway for you all! In my wee box I was also given 2 £5 gift vouchers for Graze and so I'm going to give away both to two readers! Unfortunately they are only for new Graze customers only but it's a free box and some money off your second box if you do decide to enter! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me what you think your favourite snack would be of the four I was sent out. Don't forget to leave me an email address to contact you on if you win! You don't have to follow me to enter this giveaway just leave a comment below (although it would be nice if you did!)

 So good luck and apologies again for such a long post!


  1. wow, that looks amazing! I'm going to look for something similar here in the US. Enjoy your goodies!

  2. i love graze , not a fan of the jerky though :-/

  3. Hey! I love your blog and your posts are so so good!
    I'm a new blogger and would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe give me a follow? :)

  4. I was subscribed to Graze for just over a year but I stopped it a few months ago as they were getting a bit boring x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  5. I love Graze boxes! I get mine every week- I started with fortnightly but I didn't like missing a week! xx

  6. I stopped mine as did get a bit bored but loved the little boxes popping through the door each week! I love how adventerous you're being by trying everything once - I made sure I didn't get anything I didn't like! Didn't want to waste any of my wee boxes
    Bee Happy and Healthy

  7. Definitely Billionaire's shortbread! I'd love to try the carrot cake one though, I tried the lemon poppy seed one and it was so so good!


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