Banana and peanut butter smoothie | Recipe

I've always been a bit funny with fruit, never really liked it that much. Nowhere near as much as I love veg anyway! So I'm always looking for ways to get fruit into my diet without making myself feel sick. Enter smoothies!

I've tried a couple smoothies in the past but they've never really turned out right, I cannot stand 'bits' so trying to make them with strawberries or anything like that ends up with me either drinking half the smoothie and giving up or trying to sieve all the bits out. By the time I'm finished that, I don't even want to drink the damn thing!

I decided to take a fruit I didn't like but one that I knew didn't have any bits in it - bananas! I cannot stand bananas, eating them just as they are actually makes me feel sick. I don't know what it is but bleurgh! Banana flavoured things and banana chips I'm fine with but bananas, get away.

This smoothie is pretty simple to make :  
  • 200 ml Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter

Almond milk is new in my life, thanks to Gemma Tomlinson. I've been watching her healthy YouTube channel HealthyHappyLife for a while now and I just love it! I'd heard her mention almond milk a few times so during my most recent shop I decided to get some and try it out. I'll be writing a more in depth post about it soon so look out for that, all I will say is it is bloody delicious!

I will be trying out this recipe again but I think next time I'll use half a banana and smooth peanut butter. It was a bit too 'banana-y' for me and the crunchy peanut butter made it a bit gritty so hopefully smooth will fix that.

Apart from those few things, this smoothie was delicious. I think once I get some protein powder I'll maybe add that in and it could be a great after workout pick-me-up. 

Are you a smoothie fan? What are your favourite combinations?


  1. This looks yummy! I'm on a smoothie kick at the moment, pretty much every drink I've had has been a smoothie! Definitely going to try this one xx

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  2. Banana and PB is such a winning combo!

  3. Hi,
    Thankyou for dropping by my blog!!
    I am SOOOO pleased I was able to motivate you to make a smoothie!!


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