My 'Get Back In The Game' Plan | Motivation

Ok so this post is mostly for me to check back on and make sure I'm doing what I want to do but I thought I would put it here so you can all see what I'm doing and maybe suggest things you think I could also do!

Back to drinking water - I've really been slacking on drinking regular water (I can easily drink the recommended 8 glasses a day) so before I go to bed tonight I'm filling up some bottles and putting them in the fridge. I use multiple bottles so I can rotate them. Once I'm finished one, I have another waiting in the fridge that is nice and cold then I can fill the empty one and replace it in the fridge with the one I've just taken. I'm quite thankful that I enjoy drinking water, I don't have to force myself or add things to it so I'll drink it.

     Preparing meals again - I've been eating utter crap and totally stopped preparing delicious healthy meals. I am living on a very tight budget but it is possible to eat healthy 'on the cheap'. I might have to go back to being one of those annoying people who posts pictures of their meals to instagram (aroseforepona) to keep myself accountable! I need to try and get a big poster of this and put it in my kitchen for when I do prepare meals.
    I think one of the main reasons I don't do all that much cooking is I don't have any faith in my cooking skills! Practice makes perfect though, so kitchen you will become my bitch!

Bloody exercise! I know it's not difficult to get some exercise in; going for a walk, doing some housework, I can even make it fun by doing Just Dance, Wii Fit, something, anything to get me moving again! I have an elliptical, an exercise mat, a skipping rope, dumbells, exercise ball, Wii Fit and legs. Nothing is stopping me but myself! Well not anymore, body you are in for a reawakening, prepare yourself!


I believe in myself and I know I can do this.

I do have other goals that I want to focus on and smash through but these are my main four to get myself back on track. Once I am back in the swing of healthy living I will look at adding more goals to challenge myself.

What goals would you recommend?


  1. Try making risotto! Its so healthy and super easy to make!


    1 onion
    1 pepper
    4/5 mushrooms
    1/3 of a mug rizotto rice (Its called Arborio rice and thats enough for 2 meals)
    1 stock cube

    In a pan sweat off the onion with a little bit of butter, add in the mushrooms & pepper until they are a little soft and then add you chicken. Once the chicken is cooked add in the rice and enough water to cover the rice, finally crumble the stock cube in and leave to simmer until the water is gone and the rice is soft. If the water is absorbed before the rice is soft just add some more water. It should have a similar consistency to paella :)

    Such a simple recipe but SO tasty! xxx

    1. I would love to try that recipe Bernadette but I don't like onions or mushrooms and I'm allergic to peppers so it would be chicken, risotto and stock for me! But thank you for taking the time to send me it.

      I might actually try it with just those 3, never know it might be tasty like that ;) xxx

  2. My goal is to eat the daily recommended 7-9 servings of veggies a day. I may have a couple of servings of fruit in there instead of all veggies, but I know from experience if I eat all my veggies, everything else falls into place.
    Good luck to us both!

    1. I really need to up my veggie intake again. Not the biggest fan of fruit but I really need to try and get more into my diet. Blender, here I come!

      We can do this! :)

  3. Good luck x I've been doing ok on the diet front but I just can't get into exercise at all

    1. Thank you! I'm struggling to get into both properly, making slow progress though so better than nothing :)xx

  4. Great plan! I also need to get back on track, just trying to do things one step at a time!

    1. Exactly, baby steps and we will all get there! :) xx

  5. Good luck with it :) LEt me know if you would like to follow one another :) xx


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