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I got the idea for this because of Cassey Ho's most recent Transformation Tuesday post. It was about a girl called Natasha and through reading the post I was linked to her Instagram and saw her picture much like the above except all her numbers were crossed out!

The idea is quite simple, once you get under a number or on it, you cross it off! So I have 67lbs to go before I reach my goal weight. I did think about starting it off from my highest weight but that would mean another page of just crossed out numbers; sure it would be motivating but it'd also be a waste of paper so I just stuck with the one.

I've stuck this up on my livingroom wall right next to the mirror so that as the pounds drop off, I can cross it off and see the change in the mirror! I'm looking forward to the satisfying feeling of crossing off each number.

Do you use anything like this?

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