First Look | Giveaway Win

Not even kidding, this was my response when I found out I had won Lydia's 200 Follower Giveaway (post here), I was so freaking chuffed and still am! I've recorded a video about the items I got but I'm also going to post pictures of the products so you all have options. These are just first looks, after a while of use I'll come back and review the products again.

Picture heavy below the read more!

Look at all these fabulous goodies! Lydia very kindly added in some extra goodies that weren't mentioned in the blog post about the giveaway so that was even kinder of her! (If you've watched the video you'll already have heard me thank her a bunch of times, but thank you again Lydia!)

How amazing is this necklace. I can't even begin to describe how much I love it! It has the same reflective properties as cat eyes which I love so this was the perfect prize! You can find them over at discobeads, believe me, I'll be saving some pennies and making some purchases of my own when I can!

Can't wait to try out some new NOTDs with these! Just need to get some more tools for nail art as opposed to just painting my nails) Have you tried the Limited Edition Barry M's yet? What are they like?

Am I the only weirdo who loves mascara brushes?

I'm really looking forward to test running these serums! I thought the overnight one might have been the thicker serum but I was proved wrong! I'm sure they will both be fantastic though and I'll have glowing skin in no time.

Cannot wait to try these out one night!

J.Lo's Miami Glow. This stuff smells amazing, literally a bottle of summer. I used to wear the original Glow back when I was a teenager, I don't know why I stopped using it but I'm mega chuffed to have this, it'll be getting slotted into my perfume rotation as of now!

Again I just want to say a big thanks to Lydia for running the giveaway, still chuffed! And thank you for watching the video/reading this post.

What have you won recently?


  1. those disco beads are lovely.
    and I love the colossal volum' brush! just put pictures up on my blog, got myself another bottle today.

    you've won a few giveaways now, i should start entering some, i'm jealous!!

  2. yes, I totally love mascara brushes. There are so many different types that it's really fascinating.
    Great giveaway - congratulations on winning it!

  3. Completely jealous babe, well done! I bet you were so damn chuffed! Enjoy it all honey x


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