My Lovely Boyfriend #1 | Ellesse Capri Pants

So Louis recently opened up a Very account and he very kindly said I could get some fitness gear. I was like a kid in sweet shop trying to pick things! This will be a 3 part series and I couldn't get all the items delivered at the same time. This week is my Ellesse Capri Pants from the Melanie Sykes range ME:TIME. These were actually on offer when I got them, I'm sure it was buy two pairs and get £5 off. You can find them here on the Very site but I don't think the offer is on anymore :/

What the labels say: "Quick Dry moisture management guarantees exceptional absorption properties providing fast drying products with a soft dry touch that will keep the body fresh and comfortable.Stategically placed mesh and ventilation ensure optimal breathability, while fluid style lines and fabric combination create stylish functional products."

The main reason I got these was the last pair of bottoms I got for exercising didn't work out too well. I'll be writing a post up on them soon, keep your eyes peeled!

I have to say, these were an excellent purchase! I decided to go for the size 16, think I can safely say I am out of the size 18 category (woo!). They are a bit longer than I thought they would be but they aren't full length so I'm happy about that. Once I've 'out-exercised' these pairs, I might go for a shorter length pants. The smaller I get, the shorter my trousers get!

First thing I noticed trying these on; they are so freaking smooth feeling! Definite plus. They aren't so tight that they are uncomfortable but they are quite form fitting. I used to wear really baggy bottoms to exercise in as I was quite embarrassed about having all my flabby bits highlighted and on show but now I think 'hey I'm exercising, who gives a monkeys what I look like!'

The top of the pants is actaully an elastic band so it stays up which is always handy, especially when you have a big belly trying to push them down! The fabric is so breathable, I didn't feel bogged down wearing them at all.

Quick warning before you look at these pictures; I'm aware I am fat, these trousers are quite tight and you can see all my lumps and bumps.

I really need to get some squats done! Need to define my arse a bit!

 All in all, I'm very really happy with these and I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Quick wee video update as well for anyone interested

Have you had any recent sportswear purchases?


  1. Just imagine a year ago you wouldn't have even bought these type of breeks never mind wear them. Looking ace honey! xxx

  2. also! I got some ace stuff from TK Maxx for fitness. They're always good for that type of stuff. Loads of different sizes too!! xxx

  3. I've bought a few workout pants recently -I sweat a LOT and my usual cotton thingies weren't working for me at all! I got a pair of pants at CostCo, and then I've bought a few pairs off Groupon Goods for decent prices (I'm cheap!).
    I agree that TJ Maxx is a good place to find workout gear. (weird how it's TK in the UK and TJ in the US!!)

  4. Look fab! I love your confidence. I recently bought a new sports bra, only a small purchase but has made such a difference to my workouts and makes me feel so much more comfortable! It was only £12.00 from H&M too.

    I have tagged you for yet another Liebster award! Would love if you could answer, my little blog would be so appreciative! Plus my questions are pretty awesome :-) x


  5. Awh these look great! Ive recently bought myself a few pairs from Sports Direct and really like them, like the price too haha xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  6. thanks for this!!

    I love your video

  7. Oh how lovely is your boyfriend? I admire your confidence in showing us what they look like.. I wish I had your confidence. You're doing an amazing job xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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