Review | Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I got this a while back free with a magazine, I can't actually remember which one now but a fair few bbloggers have also spoken about it. Now it's my turn!

I've always been quite terrified of liquid eyeliner. Unless you count that one time I thought this was a good look
Me at 18/19

 I did have a worse picture than that but myspace has all changed and I can't find my old account, believe me though it was horrendous! I did get it right sometimes though.

Again 18/19
Apart from the handful of times I did try it, I usually steered well clear of liquid and stuck with my trusty Miss Sporty kohl liner so when I found out about the eyeko freebie, I thought I would jump back into the world of liquid liner.

 I love the packaging. It gives you all the info you need without being too busy looking. I especially love the Eyeko logo, I think it looks a bit like a guitar plectrum and upon looking at the Eyeko website they think so as well! I'd never heard of Eyeko before getting the freebie so I was excited to try a new product but also terrified I'd cock it up and look like Coco the clown's emo sister!

L- Top to bottom swipe. R- Multiple swipes.

The actual pen itself is great, nice and sleek looking. I'm not too sure if this is a sample size or full size but either way, when this runs out I will be repurchasing it! It is fabby. Great solid black colour, doesn't come off if you go over it again and boy does it hold!

This is the first look I created using the liner and I loved it! (I ended up swapping my red lippy for a purple one but we're not talking about that just now!)

Have you tried the Skinny Mini, or any other Eyeko products for that matter?


  1. Your liner is spot-on! Very glamorous.
    Eyeko makes me want to cry - I miss Fat Balms so much < sniff >

    1. Thank you Wendy! :)
      I've not heard of Fat Balms, I take it they were discontinued? x

  2. I love liquid eye liner, I'll be looking out for this one!

    1. Totally recommend it Ffion! Fantastic stuff :)


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