Crystal Clear Skincare | #2014BloggerChallenge #2

Well here we are in the second week of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. When the email containing this fortnights topic arrived in my inbox I was very pleased - skincare. I've noticed over the past couple months that skincare has slowly become my favourite thing to do, I used to absolutely detest it and just plain couldn't be arsed! These days, I love serums, moisturisers, face masks, the lot! One brand in particular has stood out for me in these past few months and so I'm going to use this 2014 Blogger Challenge topic to talk about them!

The brand in question is Crystal Clear Skincare (website here) I wasn't too familiar with them until the FABB Glasgow event I attended in October. At the event we were given some information about the brand, the back story, aims, etc and then we were very kindly given Lift Away The Years and 10 Minute Glow both of which I didn't use for a while. You can blame moving house for that one, definitely should have labelled boxes better! During the festive period, Crystal Clear were running a promotion called Rockin' Robin. If you found the robin in their website you would get a fantastic offer on one of their products. I managed to pick up a full size Roll Away The Years for just £1. I was beyond chuffed with that!

As soon as Roll Away The Years arrived in the post ( I decided to hunt out the other two items and start using them. Before that my skincare regime was pretty non existent. I'd cleanse my face and moisturise if I remembered and indulged in semi regular face masks but apart from that there wasn't all that much going on. Before I started using the products my skin was in pretty naff condition. Oily, clogged pores, not smooth in the slightest and it just looked dull and lifeless. I was pinning a lot on Crystal Clear doing me a solid!

Oh man did they deliver! I was not disappointed, even from the first use I noticed a difference in my skin. The face mask is a great wee peel off mask that when applied properly (after properly cleansing and patting dry your face) will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh! Lift Away The Years is equally as fab, it's a vibrating wand with a metal roller ball which feels amazing on your skin! Paired with the intense anti-ageing serum it comes with, your skin is left feeling plump and full of life! Roll Away The Years is a fantastic eye serum that I've been using under my eye and on my brow bone (and also sneakily on my laughter lines). Similar to Lift Away The Year, it has multiple smaller roller balls and leaves your skin feeling fresh and awakened. I like to stick a good layer on before I go to bed and wake up looking fabby!

This brand has not disappointed me in the slightest and my only qualm is that it's a bit on the expensive side for me, being that I'm broke beyond hell. However I think I will be saving up money and stocking up as I love the products so much and I'd love to try more of the range. Permanent wishlist items I reckon!

I know what you're all probably thinking - Alana, this is all anti wrinkle and defying ageing products, you're 25, what the hell?! The way I see it, if I use it now before the ageing happen I can pre-emptively strike it down. It totally works like that right?


  1. I wasn't thinking that at all! I was thinking its never too soon to use anti wrinkle! I plan on having gorgeous skin when Im older and wrinkly and saggy.. gotta start moisturizing now haha

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  2. For not having a set skincare routine you do very good in patting your face dry instead of rubbing. I'm not familiar with this brand but I'll have a look at their website. Thanks for sharing!

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