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Time for another Healthy Noms! This week I finally got round to trying a Nakd bar, took me long enough right? I've had so many people telling me I should give them a go so I finally did! I decided to go with Cashew Cookie as I cannot stand raisins or sultanas and this was the only bar I could see in Asda that didn't have any. 

 I have to say right off the bat that I was not a fan of this in the slightest, they weren't what I was expecting and I didn't enjoy the flavour at all. I thought because the bar was just cashews and dates that they might be more texture but it was more like mush, kind of felt like I was eating baby food that had been moulded into a bar. I hate to put up such a negative review but it can't always be happy happy, I looooove this right? 

I only managed to eat half of this bar before I had to stop, just really didn't like it. It's such a shame as I was really looking forward to trying this out! I won't be trying any more from the range, as I said earlier, I don't like raisins or sultanas. Unfortunately Nakd is a no for me but I'd fully recommend everyone try them out for themselves. Just because I don't like them, doesn't mean you won't!


  1. Funny enough I actually tried one of these bars in a apple pie flavour and it was disgusting. Xx

    1. I meant to say tried it yesterday lol

  2. I like the pecan one but it's full of dates - i love dates so don't mind the texture


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