Last buys of 2013

I thought I'd try and get this post in while we are still in the first week of 2014, I headed through to Stirling with Muj and hit up Primark. I'm still hoping that Falkirk gets it's own Primark one day, it'd be so much easier! Anyway, just a quick glance at what I picked up, everything was reduced in the sales of course!

 Check that wee platform heel, I bloody love it! I can definitely see me wearing these until they break (which hopefully isn't too soon!)

I've had some issues before with the sizing of Primark tights so I'm hoping these fellas behave! The footless tights, I'm still not 100% sold on them, not something I'd usually wear but I'm trying to get out my comfort zone every now and then.

I am so in love with this necklace! I first saw it on Melonlady's What I Got For Christmas video, which you can watch here. I bloody love Helen and I'm definitely starting to listen to her advice of wear whatever you want!

Speaking of wearing what I want, may I introduce you to my Kylies. How fucking fab are these?! They are still a touch too small (I can't get the zip up) but I'm ok with that as it's perfect motivation! These are definitely going into my 'goal clothes' pile. I'll be doing a post on that once I've finished deciding on everything.

I think the last time I owned a denim jacket, I must have been a teenager and when I saw this hanging on the rails, my inner teenager squealed with delight. I cautiously took it to the changing room thinking I'd look like an utter tit in it but to my surprise I loved it! (Louis hates it, but he can shite aff). I got it in a size 20 as opposed to an 18 or lower, just felt more comfortable. Plus once I've lost more weight it'll be a nice baggy denim jacket on me and I can hopefully wear jumpers under without feeling like I'm suffocating.

Now for the biggest shock of this haul. Are you prepared for this? I bought disco pants. I'll just let that sink in for a minute. I'm still in shock if I'm honest. I hated disco pants when they came out, no particular reason just did not like them. But when I was in Primark, I saw them all on the rails and thought what the hell, I'll try them on and see how much of a tit I look. 

I looked like a complete tit, but they also felt really fucking nice! I still feel a bit too chunky for them but I also know I'll be wearing them under dresses so it's no big deal. Oh and can you see that hanger there in the picture that says 14? Yeah the disco pants say 14 too. I picked up 18 and 20 originally but when I put them on I could pull the waistband out past my tits (and that's a feat in itself!) I kept going until I hit 14 and they were tight but comfortable.

What a surprise, another red lippy to add to the collection! This is quite an orangey red but it's not in your face. Bit of a change from my usual bright, flashy reds but as you can tell from this post, I've bought quite a few new things. I'm totally ready for 2014 to be the year I try lots of new things!

What was the last thing you bought in 2013?

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