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I'm  really quite awful at healthy snacking so when I got this Braw bar in my Scottish bloggers christmas party goody bag (you can see see a quick wee post about it here)I was quite chuffed. However, I have to say I was quite disappointed. I need to be clear though, my disappointment is from the flavour! I don't really like pears or pear flavoured things but I thought I'd still give it a go!

Braw bars are pressed fruit and gluten free oat bars that come in four flavours; apple & pear, strawberry, cocoa & orange and blackcurrant. They are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial flavourings. They even count as one of your five a day! I like the fact that they are gluten free as well, meaning those with intolerances can also try them out and not feel left out!

So back to the bar, I didn't really like it. I could taste the apple coming through but the pear was just too much for me. Putting that aside, it was a lovely bar. I thought it was the perfect size and it filled me up enough in between meals to keep me sated and happy. I'll definitely be trying these again but I'll be going for the strawberry and blackcurrant flavours. I'm not going to judge the whole company/their products on just one flavour that I don't like.

You can find out more info about Braw bars and where to buy them on their website brawfood.co.uk and keep your eyes peeled here for future reviews on the other flavours!

Have you tried Braw bars? Any other healthy bars you'd recommend I try? Let me know below!

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