WIW #4 | The expected gain

Ok so I've spent pretty much the past 2 weeks in bed only leaving the house to go to Tesco to get food and the pub quiz on Sundays. I've either been eating absolute shite or nothing at all. Not really been living up to my blog name ey? I've had quite a dip in my mental health in the last week which lead on from my ankle injury and I kinda gave into it. I've been in a really good place mentally since moving to the new house so I've now had my wee dip and I'm back to kicking butt!

Last week: 226.8lbs
This week: 228.8lbs
Loss: +2lbs 

Unfortunately because of spending all week in bed and eating shite/not eating and not having anywhere near enough water, my weight has suffered. I am quite annoyed at myself but at the same time I know that this isn't 100% accurate, I'm working on upping my water intake again and hopefully it was just retention. I've also been making much more of an effort to prepare and eat good meals. It's only Wednesday but some effort is better than no effort right?

No measurements this week, which is probably a good thing. I've just come out the other end of this depressive swing and I think if I had to do measurements on top of weight, it would have made me feel so shite again.

Sure I've gained but I don't feel as horrible as I usually would, I'm focusing on the positive points. The main one being, I no longer want to spend all day in bed doing nothing!


  1. Gotta stay positive. Everyone experiences setbacks but you gotta use those as fuel to keep going.

  2. Hey dear, I really like your blog it's so motivational, don't worry we all have shite days. Just remember it's all about having a balance. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award so if you would like to continue it on check out my blog :) caraandcosmetics.blogspot.com xx

  3. Hey there! just came across your blog, and I'm so happy to see someone being so honest with their weight journey! None of that eat clean motivational crap, but a real girl with some struggles like the rest of us. Rooting for you!! Stay healthy and positive




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