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So I'm pretty crap at doing my nails, despite having over 50 nail polishes, I either can't be arsed or it just turns out utterly shite and I take it off. I picked up these MNY Maybelline polishes from my local British Heart Foundation a while ago but I can't remember for the life of me how much they cost. I'm willing to bet it was about £1 though as that's usually how much I spend on nail polish. Hello Poundland! 

I started off with just these two MNY Maybelline colours, they don't have shade names though just numbers. The purple is 553 and the accent pink is 261. I love my accent nail but decided it was a bit too boring for once, enter Models Own Juicy Jules to spice it up! I am by no means as expert or even an intermediate at nails but I'm quite proud of this look and think it's fab!

In the bottle both the MNY shades have a blue glitter through them, on the actual nail I think it only comes across with the purple shade (553). My Juicy Jules might have to go in the bin soon too, it's gone all gloopy and horrible which is a shame as I love it! To glitter up the accent nail, I used some cosmetic sponges that I've had in my drawers for about two years now, doing absolutely nothing. After seeing lots of ombre and sponge art NOTDs, I figured I'd give it a go myself!

Maybe next time I do my nails, I'll remember to push back my cuticles and stick some hand cream on!


  1. loving your nails!

  2. love the nail art! :*



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