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Since moving to the new flat, I am now a 2 minute walk from a Tesco Metro so I find myself in there quite a lot. In order to keep myself away from the bakery and crisp section, I've started walking up and down all the aisles and looking out for healthy snacks on offer. Enter Special K Biscuit Moments. I saw these bad boys chilling out next to the biscuits and cookies and at only £1 for 5 packs containing two biscuits, I couldn't say no!

I'm usually not the hugest fan of things like this as they tend to come in fruity flavours with chunks of the fruit in question and it's usually all the fruits I don't like. These biscuit moments were available in strawberry and blueberry flavour but as soon as I saw the chocolate flavour I pounced! The best part - 98 calories per two biscuits! 

They are described as chocolate flavoured filling in a biscuit topped with vanilla drizzle and if that doesn't make your mouth water then just look at them. Look at them! They sound delicious, they look delicious and they definitely taste delicious. Soft yet crunchy, the chocolate flavour filling is just the right amount and the vanilla drizzle compliments is beautifully.

Although they were on offer when I bought them (and from what I can gather, they will be on offer until January 22nd  in Tesco and are also £1 in Asda) I think I will continue to buy these bars. They are delicious, I enjoy eating them and I don't feel guilty after I've had the pair out the packet. Last year when Muj and I were following much better diets, we allowed ourselves two snacks each day at 100 calories each and I'd like to get back to that so these are pretty much perfect! 

Have you tried these tasty biscuits out? Are there any foods you'd recommend I try for Healthy Noms? Let me know below!


  1. I haven't tried these yet but they look absolutely delicious. I recently bought some Fiber One brownies that are 90 calories a piece. I love them! I got a sweet tooth so I can't force myself not to have any sweets or chocolate so I try to find healthier alternatives. I usually buy snacks that are packaged per serving so it's easy to keep track of my calorie consumption.

  2. I would recommend something like a Nakd Bar, which are all natural and made using fruit and nuts, over something like this.

  3. I haven't seen these in the US but Special K really does make some tasty items. I like the knew hot cereals they make!

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