Mini Matalan Haul

I was in Matalan last week and after trying out about 12 pieces of clothing and having none of them fit I moved on to the homeware section of the shop. I didn't do my usual of throwing a hissy fit at the clothes though, I just breathed and got on with it. Progress my friends!

Before I get on with the rest of the post I have to say that the purple plate/dish that my mini haul is sitting on is THE most difficult thing to photograph on it's own. After many, many failed attempts I decided to just stick with the above photo and explain to you all! I haven't decided what I've going to put on it yet, for now I have candles in wee holders on it, I was maybe thinking pot pourri but I thought it might spill out, I'll figure something out! Oh I forgot to mention, it cost 50p. Bargain!

I don't know what you'd call this, a mini vase, a container, whatever it is I fell in love with it! The first thing I thought when I saw it was that I could put my brushes in it. Just now I'm keeping them in a Hello Kitty container but it's getting very cramped. This cost £1 which surprised me as it's quite heavy!

I fell in love with this little ceramic pot? Again I've no idea what it actually is but I'm going to use it to stick some jewellery in. Again, it's all stuffed into a wee bucket type thing and slowly running out of room. Maybe my favourite pieces can go in here! When I picked it up I noticed that one of the flowers was missing 3 petals but I decided to get it anyway because it was just too cute! At 50p as well, I couldn't really say no.

Now for the most expensive part of this mini haul. A big ol' packet of earrings! I very rarely buy earrings as I've got ridiculously sensitive skin and if it's not sterling silver, I go green! However, when I picked up these earrings and flipped them over, I was amazed to see they weren't any kind of metal! I very quickly chucked them into my basket with glee, looking forward to putting them on when I get home. I'm currently wearing the pink ones from the top left and the purple/grey ones from the bottom right. It was £3 for 9 pairs.

So in total, my mini home haul came in at £5. The earrings would have cost that much alone at full price! I do love a good sale bargain. What have you picked up recently? Let me know below.


  1. awesome haul...


  2. What an absolute bargain! I really need to check out Matalan more often.

    Jo x


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