Inner Defence; Pro-biotic Ninjas!

As you all know by now, I love the reduced to clear section in Asda when Muj and I go food shopping on a Sunday. On our last visit, I picked up these. 29p just for having some battered packaging! I don't buy probiotic yogurt/drinks all that often, it does tend to be when they are reduced. 

You're probably wondering about the title, pro-biotic ninjas? For some reasons, I always think of pro-biotic as having little I don't know, nano people that fix up all your insides when you drink them. I have a strange imagination!

The last time I got them was quite a few weeks back and it was Actimel. I'll be honest, I didn't notice that much of a difference after drinking them. I had the tiniest smidge more energy but that could have been down to cleaner eating. Who knows!

What I do know is these drinks are delicious and a great way to add 84 calories to my breakfast. I'm quite bad sometimes for not having enough breakfast so if these help me on the way then I'm game!

They taste really good so I don't have to force myself to drink them (for some reason I'm thinking about 'meal replacement shakes' here, that's a rant for another day!) Again I'm not noticing a huge difference from drinking them, I'm assuming most of the work goes on inside the body though.

I would consider buying these again, as I said earlier they are great for bulking out my breakfast cals and maybe if I drank them for long enough I'd feel/see benefits.

Do you drink pro-biotic drinks, have you had any side effects, benefits etc?

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