DietBet Day 1

My weigh in was accepted yesterday and verified and today was the first day! It's gone really rather well. Only downside is I didn't have any breakfast! That'll change tomorrow.
Been up and down like a yoyo spring cleaning. Livingroom and kitchen are looking great! The rest of the week will be upstairs, not looking forward to that.
Had a reduced fat smoked sausage with a dinner plate full of salad for lunch and dinner was a jacket potato with tuna mayo and half a plate of mixed cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower with a teaspoon of light soy sauce. Both tasty however if I'd had breakfast, I wouldn't have had the full smoked sausage.
Thinking about sitting down tomorrow and planning out some meals. Slowly starting to organise everything!
Waterwise I drank 3.6 litres. I love water so have no problems trying to drink it, just need to remember as sometimes it slips my mind!
Didn't do any exercise like Just Dance, elliptical etc but did a couple hours cleaning. It's not the same but better than nothing I suppose. Still moving about!
Definitely a positive first day!


  1. Well done :) I think organising your meals will help. When I got my new job I was taking a lot of junk food to snack on as it's easier to pick up and throw in your bag but now I'm organising my lunches and cooking pasta salads etc or taking pittas and dips etc. It does really make a difference and saves money!

    Tanesha x


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