Diet Bet Day 5+6

If you follow me on twitter you'll have noticed my internet conked out so I turned the laptop off while writing yesterdays round up, after switching the laptop off, the internet decided to work again! It was after midnight though so I decided to leave it and just do both today. Hope you don't mind! :)

Yesterday was a very early rise, up at 7am, not for any particular reason I just woke up feeling great and well rested! 10.30am and I played badminton for an hour with Mary-Jane, her friend Brian and his friend Craig. I am utterly rubbish but had a great time. Got a wee bit of a sore shoulder but nowhere near as bad as last time when I gave myself a rotator cuff injury!

After badminton, I went through to Stirling to get my nails redone, you can read that post here. After that Mary-Jane and I packed up her car with out bikes (it took quite a while!) we headed off to Beecraigs Country Park and went for a cycle round the water then to the park and back. I've been on a roll with exercise lately!

What a view!

Foodwise for breakfast I had a salad with houmous, didn't want anything too heavy before playing badminton. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, a fromage frais and savoury snacks (they are nearly finished!). Mary-Jane made the dinner at hers yesterday, we had chicken nuggets, new potatoes and sweetcorn. I even tried beetroot and discovered that I actually love it!

Snacks were savoury snacks then when we were at Beecraigs we had oatcakes, unsalted pistachios, jelly beans and a packet of crisps. In the evening, we decided to have a wee takeaway. Naughty I know but I'd built up so many calories over the day (over 1400!) that I thought what the hey, it's a Friday night, I'm going to have some naughty food.

Waterwise I had 4.8 litres, all this exercise is thirsty work!!

Now today I didn't have any breakfast (my routine always seems to go out the window at the weekend, I really need to fix that! For lunch I had a McDonald's salad which got me a fair few funny looks, especially the people sitting beside us.. They looked physically uncomfortable, which kind of made me giggle. Dinner was vegetable soup then a big bowl of veg with gravy.

Didn't have any snacks today and only drank 3 litres of water today. I'm saying that like it's a bad thing, it's still 3 litres!

Louis and I went for a walk up town so then back so that was a good chunk of calories burned, then this evening, Mary-Jane and I attacked the 30DS (while Louis was on the elliptical listening to music and reading, how nice for him!).

So yeah I really need to fix my routine at the weekend, it rather annoys me so next weekend, I will have breakfast and I will drink enough water!

I think tomorrow I'll just be doing 30DS and tidying up, no other form of exercise. I've definitely pushed myself this past week and I'm glad I did but I need to take a wee break so I don't end up doing my body harm rather than good!

Looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in and I'm going to take my measurements again as well. Bring it!

Apologies for the mega long post, if you actually read all these ramblings, well give yourself a pat on the back and a cup of tea!

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