RELAX: Dead Sea Face Spa

I love Monatgne Jeunesse, full blown love. I've never had any problems with their items or them as a company. They are well priced, against animal testing, vegetarian friendly and do what the say on the tin packet. 

It's been quite a while since I actually bought any face masks as I've had a big pile to work through. I got a £5 Amazon voucher a while back and bought 5x2 Face Foods and was also sent a box of masks from the company themselves to review a while back (back when I used my old blog).

Louis and I were dawdling through town and I saw this in Bodycare (along with about a hundred other things I wanted to try!) I can't remember how much it cost but it was definitely less than £1 as are most (if not all) Montagne Jeunesse products.

I was quite looking forward to trying this as I hadn't tried any of the fabric face masks before. I'd read plenty reviews on them and figured, hey, it's my turn to try it!

The premise of them is pretty simple, take the fabric face mask out the packet, unfold it and put on your face, matching up the eye, nose and mouth holes. You don't want to be tasting this, it's not nice and getting it in your eyes, even not nicer!

The first thing I noticed was the scent. Oh boy was it strong! As you can imagine, it smelled very strongly of the sea. After positioning it on my face, I lay down on my large couch, stuck my feet up and relaxed for the allotted 5-10 minutes.

My face felt fantastic using this! The only way I could describe it is the way your mouth feels after you've brushed your teeth and you breath in. So fresh and so just woah! It was marvellous.

After taking the mask off, I rinsed my face and got some moisturiser on (I'm getting rather good at regular moisturising!) and let that soak in. My skin felt great. I really need to start doing a weekly face mask and just relaxing and pampering my face.

This is definitely going on my by again list. I think there are only a couple more Montagne Jeunesse masks I need to try before I've tried them all now!

How fabby do I look? ;)

What are your thought on Montagne Jeunesse? Do you use their products, had any problems with them?

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