Diet Bet Day 3

Today has been fabby! I did have a bit of a lazy morning but that's ok :) Some more tidying, which I'm actually loving, the tidier and more organised this place gets, the better I feel. Definitely helping me mentally too, less to stew on. I'm not waiting for something to go wrong, I'm taking each day as a fresh start and another day to push myself, it's working!

Onto my eats for the day...

Breakfast ~ 50/50 toast with peanut butter, frubes pouch and an apple.

Lunch ~ The other portion of yesterday's curry. I had a wee giggle to myself about having a 'microwave meal'.

Dinner ~ I made a massive pot of soup but forgot to take a picture (I'll post about it tomorrow though) but I had a bowl of that and a jacket potato with Hello Kitty pasta.

After workout snack ~ I was ruddy well ravenous! Portion of Scottish whiting with lemon and coriander houmous, savoury snacks (only one bag pictured here but I actually went back and got another!) and a cheeky wee Viennese whirl.

Other snacks throughout the day were more savoury snacks, strawberry princess milk and 3 parma violets.

I need to start bulking out my meals a bit but I have no idea how to :/

Overall I'd say a good day foodwise, yes?

4.2 litres of water today I could have actually had more but hey ho. I'm going to have such fabulous radiant skin in no time if I keep this up!

Day 2 of 30DS, legs weren't as bad as yesterday but arms were shaking a bit more. My face got redder much quicker, I swear my body knew what I was about to inflict upon it! I'm getting better at holding my form already which I was quite surprised about! Still doing wall push ups as I can only manage 3 normal ones before my arms give out :/ The way I see it, it's better doing 20-30 odd against the wall than 3 normal ones.

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