REVIEW: Timotei pure shampoo

So I picked this up during a wee food shop in Tesco for the grand total of £1.49! It is a refill pack but the normal bottles were only 400ml and this was 500ml, an extra 100ml for no extra £, you're darn tootin' I was taking that offer!

So this shampoo is for normal to greasy hair. My roots tend to get greasy quite often and I have dry ends (need a wee trim soon to sort that out!) It was the pure factor (and the price) that lured me towards this shampoo. Because my hair is so fine and thin, product builds up really easily on it and goes greasy quite quickly.

"We harness nature to reveal your true beauty. Timotei pure shampoo infused with green tea extracts to revitalise your hair, leaving it fresh, light and beautiful. 0% Parabens 0% Silicones 0% Colourants"

So the point of this refill is pack is to obviously refill your empty bottles but I don't have any and I don't mind it in the pouch. Something different sitting in my shower. Means I won't confuse it for anything else! What with the 0% colourants, you could naturally assume this will be a clear shampoo, which it is. I can't really describe the smell properly, it just smells like freshness and clean-ness.

I have to say this was an utter delight to use! Took a while to get it lathered up but once I had it was great. I really felt like it was cleaning my hair. Washed out great and I didn't feel like there was any residue left over. After drying my hair, it felt great! Not heavy or weighed down, just clean and light!

I'll definitely be repurchasing this shampoo after this big refill pack runs out. Should probably stock up now while it's cheap actually!

Have you tried this before, or any other pure shampoos?

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