REVIEW: Paper Themes Cupcake Wrappers

I'm not the best cook in the world, for now I'm getting by but I'd really love to learn how to properly cook. On top of that, I'd love to be able to bake. I wouldn't say I can't bake because if I follow a recipe then it should turn out ok but I'm a very nervous baker. My anxiety kicks in a little bit and I worry that whatever I decide to make could potentially not be cooked properly and then possibly poison me or whoever is brave enough to try what I've made!

Because of this, I've stayed away from baking for now but now that I am much more positive and willing to try more things, I want to give it a proper go! When I saw that Bloggers Needed were looking for people to review cupcake wrappers on their Twitter I thought I would give it a go!


How cute are these?! They are from a company called Paper Themes, they specialise in manufacturing wedding stationary and accessories (although in my opinion these wrappers could be used for other occasions, I know I'd love to go to a party and have cupcakes wrapped in these!)

Although I said I wanted to give baking a go, I started off very, very easy to try out these wrappers. Chocolate cornflake cakes. I know, I know, no baking required but I'm easing myself in gently! I haven't ruined the wrappers either so once I do brave actual baking, I can use them again.

Let's be honest, it's not difficult to make cornflake cakes, it is fun though! I made them with Muj and plenty a giggle was had. We decided to make white and milk chocolate ones, variety is the spice of life and all that!

We only filled the cases, didn't fill up to the top of the wrappers, eating healthy so moderation is key ;) I love these cases though! They are nice and sturdy, apart from one that didn't want to play ball. It kept pinging open, I think it was just taunting me.

As I said earlier, Paper Themes specialise in wedding accessories but I'd get these for just having in the house and if you have people coming over, you can get some baking done and present your finished goods, much nicer than just paper cases!

Of the 5 I was sent, I personally liked 3 of them, wasn't a fan of one and wasn't sure about one of them. Looking on the website there was more choice and a couple other ones that I absolutely love! I'm trying to think of excuses to bake lots of cupcakes so I can get them!

There are plenty options on the site, patterns, colours, so there will hopefully be something for everyone! They can be personalised, I'm assuming with names and dates for weddings which I think is a great wee touch. Little things like that make all the difference!

So apart from the one that didn't want to play nice, I loved these cases! I've got them sitting by for the day I brave actual baking. That day will be soon, I'm telling you.

What's your go to baking item? What would you recommend I try out?

These were provided for me to review, all opinions are my own and honest.

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