Eating healthy on a budget

I'm so sick of people saying you can't eat healthy on a budget. Yes you can! You just have to know how to shop! One of my favourites (and if you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen a few tweets before) is the reduced to clear section.

I tend to do food shopping on a Sunday evening with my fabby pal Mary-Jane (I'll be doing a post on her soon, so keep your eyes peeled!). We head for the reduced bread, reduced fruit and veg, reduced fridge, back through the fruit and veg, fridges, aisles, quick look through makeup, haircare etc  and that takes us back to the front of the shop where we hit the reduced sections one last time before heading to the tills. We can sometimes pick up things we've picked up earlier for even cheaper.
Sure it takes a while but if it's saving me money then I'm up for it!

On our last trip I had £10 to spend. Sure it doesn't seem like much but wait till you see what I got!

All the Kingsmill loaves cost me 8p (£1.35) each as well as the harvester and cheese rolls (70p). The crispbreads were 68p, one of the full price things I bought.

Next we have baked potatos (80 odd pence for both), a double bag of shredded iceberg lettuce for 33p (£1), 30% less fat lemon and coriander houmous for 11p (£1), sugarsnap peas for 9p (£1), reduced fat smoked sausage for £1, a portion of lemon sole for 75p (don't know how much I got but it's usually £14.97 per kilo), scottish whiting for 34p (can't find the price), cucumber 50p, carrot and coriander soup mix for 9p (85p)

Savoury snack selection (I'll be doing a wee post on this soon) £1, cheese and broccoli pasta and sauce 35p, 1kg of mustard mash for 24p (Asda Extra Special as well, it was delish! £2.50), strawberry flavoured milk 50p (I am a princess, £1.20 each!), some naughty cookies for 5p!(can't find the price), a peanut bar for 26p that I did not enjoy at all :/ and some treats for my degus for 50p 

Vinegar 21p, mild curry sauce 20p, bolognese sauce 39p (I will learn to make my own sauces one day!), tin of vegetable soup 24p (this is a bit of a back up in case I get bored of or eat all the soup I'm going to make with the carrot and coriander mix), tuna chunks 64p

All in all I'd say this was a good shop! For £10.18 (I owe Mary-Jane18p) I got £22.17 worth of food ( a little bit more than that actually if you add the fish and other things I couldn't price!). I'd say that's not bad indeed! Half off just by looking in the reduced to clear sections. 

Sure there were some 'naughty foods' in there but overall it was quite healthy. And so my point is proved, you can eat healthy on a budget. You just have to know where to look!

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  1. I feed a family of 3 - with big appetites - on a budget of £50 a week. It can be done. I rarely buy discount stuff as it just doesn't last the way I want it to and I hate freezing bread but we eat well for our money :)


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