Diet Bet Day 2

2 posts in one night , what's going on?!

Today was another good day, had breakfast like I said I would (and lunch and dinner of course!) We have pictures today of my meals because I remembered!

Breakfast ~ Cripsbreads with lemon and coriander houmous and cathedral city cheese slices, a frubes shot pouch.

Lunch ~ Scottish whiting with a salad made up of shredded iceberg lettuce,round lettuce and cucmber with two teaspoons of lemon and coriander houmous (I just realised as I was typing this that I had houmous twice!)

Dinner ~ Chicken curry with broccoli and white rice (got loads of it to use up before I can buy brown or wholegrain) and a wee harvester roll.

Snacks were a portion of savoury snacks and 2 squares of chocolate and I'm just about to have something else before bed.

Exercise wise I walked for 30 minutes, to my job induction type thing and back (still waiting on a phone call to do a trial shift) and about ten minutes ago, I completed Day 1 of 30DS. I have never managed to complete it before and I've taken breaks, flaked out on certain exercises, well tonight, I bloody well did it (With the exception of doing my push ups against the wall of course) But still, start to finish, I did it. Day 1, BIG FAT CHECK.

I've drank 3.4 litres of water today but I'll be filling my bottle up once more and guzzling it all down so that will be 4 litres! I'm quite amazed at myself.

Not done as much cleaning as yesterday but what with job business I thought it best. Plus I don't want to mega clean like yesterday every day or I'll get bored and not finish it or keep it up.

All in all, a super positive day today! I am enjoying this.

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