Venturing into vegan meals

How tasty does this look?!

On Friday, I organised for my friends Blair and Manda to come over for homemade burgers. The plan was to make them using lentils but we couldn't find out if we had to soak the lentils in water or not so instead we popped to Asda and bought their Meat Free Chargrill style burger mix and some bits to go with it (Blair brough quite a bit of prep items as well)

I'd never tried sweet potato so I was rather excited when I saw them (there were 3 but for some reason I only photographed the one with the mix) I'm doing rather well with trying new foods I think and finding that I like a lot of them as well!

The burger mix was quite easy to make, you simply pour it into a bowl, add some water and let it sit for ten minutes. Shape into patties then shallow fry or grill, we went with shallow fry. Not the healthiest option I know but I have a 1 cal spray for cooking, I no longer use actual oil.

After the mix had sat for the ten minutes, Manda (shown above) added in chopped onions and sweet green peppers. I just went for the peppers in mine as I don't like onions (unless its in coleslaw?)

The packet said we would get 6 burgers out of it but we made 5 and there was still loads left so I suppose it just depends on how big you want your burgers.

We halved the large sweet potato from above and made wedges that you can see below and also sweet potato fritters, I didn't get a photo of them on the tray but you can see them above in the finished meal picture.

So I really enjoyed this meal, it was delicious. There was just one, kind of major downfall, I think I'm allergic to peppers. After the meal I felt really strange, itchy all over, severely nauseous and just plain horrible. Blair and Manda felt fine so I knew it couldn't have been food poisoning or anything like that. After they left I was then sick for the next 30 odd minutes till I wasn't actually throwing up anything and just felt so weak!

I felt so bad as I was supposed to be getting the girls on Saturday for the night but when I woke up I just felt so horrible that I relaxed most of the day. Managed to get to town for a quick job interview, a wee comfort lunch then back home.

Popchips are amazing by the way! First time I'd ever tried them and I loved them. The Shapers water/juice was really tasty and make me feel a bit more alert and the sushi, well I love sushi so it was fab! There was one wee bit of red pepper in one of the sushi rolls which I whipped out and threw away in disgust.

Not counting the horrible reaction, it was a great meal and I will take away the positives as my first vegan meal. I'm going to make the burgers again but just have them plain, nothing mixed in with them unless it's flavouring and I'll let you know how I get on with that!

Have you tried Asda's Meat Free range? What are your favourite vegetarian meals?

I'm off to see Mick Foley tonight (for the 4th time!) so there will be a post up about that soon, hopefully I get some good pictures!

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