Still no laptop

Louis' laptop is still in the shop, meaning I can't really post proper blogs with pictures, but know that I have plenty planned for when its working again!

I'm +1.8 lbs this week so I'm at 209. TOM and not quite enough movement.

There hasn't been any 30DS as its on Louis's laptop, I should have just done order exercise but it kind of threw me a bit. Going to start on the Wii Fit again as of today.

If you follow me on Twitter (@alana_mullen) you would have seen me talking about The Works sale, I now have 13 new books to tell you all about once the laptop is fixed. Most of them are recipe books so I'm going to be doing a lot more cooking!

Still spring cleaning, I need to stop letting it build up so quickly! Livingroom is pretty much done, just need to get a few last bits sorted out. After that's done, it'll be my bedroom's turn. Not looking forward to that!

Hope you are all well! :)

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