Prezzybox Soap Stones and mini wishlist

How adorable are these soap stones?!
 I got them from prezzybox after receiving a £5 off voucher for filling out a survey. I got these and a wee personalised chocolate bar for Louis for his birthday.

I love these! So much so in fact that I haven't even used them yet, I can't quite bring myself to. Once the soap in my bathroom runs out I might stick a couple in the dish though.

I love that they are different colours and they do actually look like stones. They are so smooth and smell amazing. It's quite a strong typical 'soap' smell that I'm not usually a fan of but in these,  love it!

I perused the prezzybox website for ages before deciding on these so I can see me returning to get more items. Some of the things are so kitschy and cute that I just have to have them! For example,

The Underwater Light Show looks amazing! Unfortunately I don't have a bath so I won't be getting this but if I ever move and have a bath, I will be!

Now this I can buy! The Cupcake Shower Cap is freaking adorable! I can just imagine me running about after having a shower with this still on my head.

Fancy washing yourself with some Toast and Jam? I do! This is adorable and is definitely on my wishlist. It'd be a great wee present as well, a nice change from 'normal' bath/shower sets.

That's the first 3 things on the site that I love but there are so many others! I should make an Amazon wishlist for everything!

Have you ever bought anything from Prezzybox?

The last three pictures were taken from the Prezzybox site.

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