Celebration haul!

I say haul, I spent less than £20, but thanks to my bargain hunting savvy, it went very far! It's a celebration haul as I'd won some money from a Twitter competition and I've now got a job! Wooo go me! Now I just have to wait for an email telling me my start date, ironically enough, I'll be selling electronic cigarettes. My no smoking should come in handy for that! ;) Now onto the goodies!

Foodie goodies first! The Fabulous Bakin' Boys flapjacks were a steal at 49p for 5! I do love flapjack and it would probably be cheaper to make my own, I'll need to give it a go one day! From Holland & Barrett's Neal's Yard Wholefoods range, I got popping corn and thai chilli rice crackers. It was actually buy one get one half price so instead of it costing me £5.30, it was only £3.98! I'm really looking forward to trying the popping corn, means I can take my own with me to the cinema and it won't be covered in sugar!

Beauty goodies next! The wipes were £1 for 3 packets in Savers, not expecting them to be miracle wipes but as long as they can cleanse my face and leave it feeling fresh and hydrated I'm happy. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'll be keeping a packet in my bag, never know when you'll need them! Nail brush was 49p from Bodycare, it was a spur of the moment buy, I saw them and realised I didn't have one! The floss was £1 from Savers again, 200 metres of it! Again, it might not be the best of the best but as long as it does the job it's supposed to, I have no issue! The lipstick was 99p from Bodycare and I'll do a wee separate post about this with swatches etc.

The Carmex was from Savers and cost me £1.49, I was quite surprised as usually when I see it, it's £3 upwards! I'll need to remember to visit Savers again when this runs out (that's if I don't lose it before it runs out!). The pure eye roll on was from Savers again and was only £1! I've seen these roll ons before and really wanted to try them. Can't complain at a pound! I'll do a follow up post about this in a couple weeks.

Now the last beauty item, hair lightener (£3.99 from Bodycare). If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll already have seen the outcome but for those who haven't...

I'm now blondey blonde! It's still quite yellow but I've got a blonde dye to tone it out and silver conditioner (I'll post about that in a couple weeks as well) I need to get another box of lightener as there are still some brown bits to get rid of. Looking forward to my future as a blonde.

Now onto the last lot of goodies, miscellaneous items.

I hit The Works again, remember my last visit? I should really stop going in there! This time I got a memo block, I hate hate the LOL on it but I needed a memo block and it was only 74p. The Hello Kitty pen was actually from Rymans and only cost 99p, it's got 10 different colours and I ruddy well love it! Anyways, back to my Works books. Louis showed me this Catwoman book and I fell in love with it! 49p as well, the RRP is in $ but it says $18.95 Bargain and a half! The Accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer, looking forward to reading this. 25p with an RRP of £12.99 and the last item is Jumbo to Jockey, as you can see from the picture, I couldn't quite get the sticker off the 'O' so it looks like it's called Jumb to Jockey. After reading the blurb on this, I couldn't not get it

And so we have come to end of my haul. Quite a lot of stuff wouldn't you agree? What have you bought yourself recently?

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