Goal dress progress

I have this dress you see, I got it to go to my friend's prom (my first prom as I wasn't allowed to go to mine!) I got it not long after I had my first daughter as well. Was quite chuffed that it was a 14 as I'd ballooned up to a 20 from a 10 during the 9 months!

I've worn it once more since the prom night, not long after I had my second child for my then mother-in-laws birthday. It was a tiny little bit tight but the zip went up so I chanced it and wore it out. Since then, my weight has just gone up and up until I was actually bigger than my heaviest during pregnancy. I was a size 22 at my heaviest!

Since that day out, the dress has hung in my wardrobe. I'd take it out every now and again, looking at it wistfully, remembering how I felt when I first got it. I didn't thrown it out though. It held nice memories so I didn't want to get rid of it. And now I'm happy I didn't as this is now my goal dress!

Every now and then I'll try it on and see how much closer I am to getting the zip up. Obviously when I first started I could barely get it past my hips and I didn't take any pictures back then (kinda wish I had!) but a couple days ago I tried it on again so I'll show my progress from then and from now on!

From not being able to get it past my hips to doing a third of the zip up, I'm bloody proud! 

I'll try to get a picture up every month (as long as I remember) documenting my progress with this dress. Once I can zip it all the way up, I'll need to see if I have anything else to have as goal clothes! Or buy something ;)

Hoarding things comes in handy sometimes!

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