After jumping on the scales this morning and being VERY disappointed at gaining weight, I decided to take my measurements to see if all my exercising has actually been paying off. 

Going by the picture below, I'd say it has! Sure I have to lose 8.5lbs to win my DietBet but I'm happy I've lost inches!

36" waist, down another corset size! My arms have gone down but I can definitely see and feel muscle forming (just need to tone up the wobbly bits underneath!

I'm really glad I did this, I have lost, just not lbs for whatever reason (water retention, muscle forming).

Overall I've lost 5 inches from my bust, 4 inches from my underbust, 6 inches off my waist, 9 inches off my stomach, 5 inches off my hips, 5.5 inches from my butt, 4 inches from my thighs. I am elated! 

I don't even care that the scales went up anymore because this is amazing.

Go me!


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